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Prof. Laura Grigori wins the SIAM Supercomputing Career Prize

— Prof. Lauri Grigori (HPNALGS) has been awarded the Activity Group on Supercomputing Career Prize by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


EPFL Doctorate Award – 2023 – Arthur Jacot

— Theory of Deep Learning: Neural Tangent Kernel and Beyond EPFL thesis n°9825 Thesis director: Prof. C. Hongler

Axel Séguin chez Rollomatic © S. Maillard, 2023 EPFL

When a company and an EPFL student grow together.

— Axel Séguin obtained his Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics at the Politecnico di Torino and arrived at EPFL in 2016 with a view to pursuing a Master's degree in the same field. A few months later, through exposure to other courses, he decided to turn to computational sciences. Without realising it, this was the next step in his destiny, between research and applied theory at Rollomatic.

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Prof. Mats Stensrud wins two awards for young statisticians

— Prof. Mats Stensrud, head of the Chair of Biostatistics (BIOSTAT) has been awarded both the Arthur-Linder prize by the Austria-Switzerland region of the International Biometric Society (IBS, ROeS) and the Lambert Prize by the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS).

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ICML Outstanding Paper Award for an Apple-MATH EPFL collaboration

— A Paper co-written by Pr. Emmanuel Abbé (EPFL, MDS), Pr. Samy Bengio (Apple), Aryo Lofti (EPFL, MDS) and Kevin Rizk (EPFL) has been awarded the ICML Outstanding Paper Award 2023

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