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À travers de nombreux événements scientifiques, venez découvrir les différents domaines des mathématiques.

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Theory and experiments to understand a contact between two filaments

— Mechanical engineers and mathematicians at EPFL have joined forces to gain a better understanding of the geometry and mechanics of two filaments in contact – as in the cases of knots and woven fabrics.

This is not an ANN,

NTK: unlocking the mysteries of deep learning

— Professor Clément Hongler and his team from the Chair of Statistical Field Theory found a new way of understanding Artificial Neural Networks. Their 2018 paper has gathered a lot of attention from the scientific community and is now frequently used by researchers when they want to understand the training of large neural networks.

Cover "Are you sure?" © EPFL MCV

New podcast from EPFL's College of Humanities asks: are you sure?

— A newly launched podcast “Are You Sure?” features interviews, in English and in French, with EPFL researchers from different domains as they wrestle with the important question of what it means to be uncertain in science, as well as in their own lives and careers.

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Adam Marcus part of a team that won the Michael and Sheila Held Prize

— EPFL Professor Adam W. Marcus, head of the Chair of Combinatorial Analysis, and colleagues Professors Daniel A. Spielman (Yale University) and Nikhil Srivastava (University of California, Berkeley) won the 2021 Michael and Sheila Held Prize for their revolutionary work on the Kadison-Singer problem and Ramanujan graphs. The award is presented with a $100,000 prize.

Victor Panaretos © 2021 EPFL, Alain Herzog

Victor Panaretos announced President-Elect of the Bernoulli Society

— Professor Victor Panaretos who holds the chair of Mathematical Statistics at EPFL will become president of the Bernoulli society in August 2023, succeeding Adam Jakubowski.

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