About InnoSeed

Education and research, the two core missions of any university or research institute, generate massive scientific knowledge and groundbreaking inventions with the potential to improve our daily lives. Accordingly, more and more universities and research institutions like EPFL are considering Technology Transfer (TT)* as their third mission.

InnoSeed ENAC is an incentive program that acts at the very beginning of the TT and Innovation process, upstream from the missions of EPFL’s Vice-Presidency for Innovation (VPI) and Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

It aims to encourage and help ENAC researchers to broaden their horizons when considering the outreach of their academic work and its value for society.

    * Technology Transfer (TT) is the process by which scientific outcomes are translated from an academic or research context to the industry or a public organization for further development or commercialization. It plays a pivotal role in creating innovative and relevant products and services that meet societal concerns.