Communications, Ground Segment and Operations

Different operational concepts, compatible with today’s infrastructure are developed and tested. Operations and integration to airspace has to take place. The systems may need to integrate with local mobile networks, satellite, and directed ground-based communication, responding adequately to emergencies like loss of link.

Relevant EPFL laboratories

DISAL – Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory (Alcherio Martinoli)

Design, modelling, control, and optimization methodologies for distributed, intelligent systems.

ESPACE – Space Engineering Center (Herbert Shea)

Distributed ground segment for multi-object network.

ESPLAB – Electrical Signal Processing Laboratory (Cyril Botteron)

Precise GNSS front-end receiver and signal processing.

LCAV – Audiovisual Communications Laboratory (Martin Vetterli)

Acoustic echo-based Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM).

LCM – Mobile Communications Laboratory (Bixio Rimoldi)

Communication theory and applications. Multi-object communication.

LEMA – Laboratory of Electromagnetics and Acoustics (Anja Skrivervik)

Antenna and acoustic design and characterization.

LIS – Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Dario Floreano)

Aerial, evolutionary and soft robotics.

RFIC – Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Laboratory (Catherine Dehollain)

RF electronic design.

TCL – Telecommunications Laboratory (Andreas Burg)

mmWave communication. Electronic design.