Current directives

This plan will be in effect until 5 February 2022 (adopted pursuant to an upper management decision made in consultation with the scientific committee).

Any measures introduced by the authorities that are more restrictive than those set out in our continuity plans will take precedence.

The Continuity Plan is an integral part of the Directive Setting out the Conditions Underpinning EPFL’s COVID-19 Protection Plan.

Measures currently in effect under the Continuity Plan
(Level I)

Health & safety guidelines

Detailed information on the health and safety guidelines can be found on the Hygiene and behaviour rules webpage. Here are the main measures you need to follow:

Masks must be worn inside buildings and near other people outside (such as in a waiting line).

Students must wear a mask for all study-related activities (classes, exercise sessions, studying and practicals) in addition to having a COVID certificate.

Staff members can remove their mask at their individual place of work as long as they maintain the appropriate distance from others; however, they are strongly encouraged to keep their mask on.

Teachers may remove their mask during class.

Additional measures may apply to events where COVID certificates are required.

  • A distance of at least 1.5 meters must be kept between people in order to protect yourself and others.

The EPFL community no longer needs to be tested weekly in order to come to EPFL’s campuses.

Self-test kits can be picked up free of charge at the Welcome Desk. We strongly encourage anyone who has not been vaccinated to be tested at least once a week.

Please remember that you can also get tested at the EPFL testing center, by appointment only; that center can provide you with a COVID certificate.

Throughout the fall semester and during the winter exam session as well, universities in Vaud Canton offer free saliva tests to people without a COVID certificate so that they can attend classes, exercise sessions and practicals in person. The temporary pass you get from these tests is valid for one week (seven days).

Students, assistants and teachers who were vaccinated in another country or who are waiting for their second dose can get a temporary pass that will be valid for the rest of the semester and for the exam session. To get the semester pass, please take the relevant documents to the EPFL testing center.

Important: this pass is not a COVID certificate. It cannot be used to get into places that require a COVID certificate (restaurants, bars, night clubs, museums, etc.).

At EPFL, this pass provides access only to:

  • teaching activities at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels (BA-MA-DOC) and CMS classes, held in Vaud Canton.
  • the Rolex Learning Center library.

Face masks: you must wear a face mask to attend teaching activities in person and whenever you are in the Rolex Learning Center library.

EPFL events and restaurants: COVID certificates are required at EPFL events and restaurants, just as they are throughout Switzerland. They are not required for food trucks (but you must wear a mask while waiting in line).


You can do the saliva test – by appointment only – and pick up your pass at EPFL’s testing center.

Where: EPFL testing center

When: 8am to 5pm, Monday to Wednesday, by appointment only.

>>> Make an appointment online <<<

Study-related activities

COVID certificates (or temporary pass) is required to attend classes in person. Students are still be able to take classes online, which means that those who don’t have a COVID certificate are not excluded.

Checks are carried out in accordance with legal requirements.

Q&A: Coronavirus, classes and exams

COVID certificates is also required to attend practicals in person.

Exceptions to this rule are possible, if any students are unable to attend the practicals in person because of the public-health rules. Exception requests must be sent by the teacher to the AVP Education. In these exceptional cases, the rooms must not be filled to more than two-thirds of their capacity, face masks must be worn and social distancing must be maintained.

Q&A: Coronavirus, classes and exams

COVID certificates (or temporary pass) and masks are mandatory.

Q&A: Coronavirus, classes and exams

The current health and safety rules apply. COVID certificate, EPFL pass or other valid document required.

Q&A: Coronavirus, classes and exams

Work- and association-related activities

Remote working is no longer mandatory; it continues to be recommended, however, if it is not overly complicated.

Other HR-related information

Employees who must use campus facilities (experimental research, technical equipment) can work entirely on site.

In all cases, unit heads must keep an updated attendance list.

Other HR-related information

Remote working is no longer mandatory; it continues to be recommended, however, if it is not overly complicated.

Other HR-related information

Within units

No special measures.

Other HR-related information

Visiting students

No special measures.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Work-related meetings, events

Please refer to the Events webpage.

Travel and time spent abroad

Please refer to the Travel webpage.

Services for EPFL students, staff and units

Students are permitted to come to campus.

Partially open (info provided online).

By email only: [email protected].

No special measures.

Starting on Monday, 13 September, COVID certificates will be required inside restaurants on EPFL campuses, as required by the Federal Council.

Masks must be worn while waiting in line.



Access only for EPFL community according to the rules and procedures set out by the head of Safety, Security & Operations.

No special measures. 

As little air as possible should be recirculated (as much fresh air as possible should be brought in).

CO2 monitoring is required in lecture halls that are made available for studying; other rooms should be in minimum operations mode.

Work places should be marked so as to maintain social distancing.

Disinfectant should be made available for hands and surfaces.

Facilities management staff are responsible for posting the official health and safety guidelines and for installing the required hand sanitizer dispensers at the main entrances.

Facilities management staff will also carry out additional sanitization procedures for classrooms and study rooms and conduct checks to make sure that hand sanitizer is available in public areas.