Equipment funding and acquisition process

Explore the funding opportunities related to scientific equipements. EPFL restricted access: please connect with your GASPAR account to see all the content.

Equipment Funding

For newly established laboratories within EPFL

EPFL Submission Deadlines: March 1st and July 1st

Requests to purchase scientific equipment of >CHF 50,000.-

EPFL Submission Deadline: February 1st

ERC gives the opportunity to request for equipment funding. This request is part of the budget requested for the project.

Funds the acquisition of equipment worth at least CHF 100,000. 50% of this funding is provided by EPFL and 50% by the SNSF. The request must initially be submitted to the Research Office.

EPFL Submission Deadline: February 1st

Equipment Acquisition Process

Equipment Resale

Used Equipment Description Date
No equipment items are currently for sale


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