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MTE students come from all EPFL Sections or technical and scientific universities in Switzerland and abroad. During the MTE Master program, our students acquire knowledge in company management as well as a complement to their original technical background.

The MTE Master truly offers an essential potential for accessing positions which require excellent technical skills as well as solid expertise in management (e.g. Supply chain management, Project management, Technology & innovation management).

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There are different ways to collaborate with our students and get involved with the MTE section:


Students in MTE have to undertake a 26-week placement in a company as part of their program and work on a Master thesis supervised by the company supervisor and an academic supervisor.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor? The MTE Mentoring program aims at connecting MTE students with experienced professionals from different industries. Each student will be paired with a mentor at the beginning of the academic year.



Ms Haoua Mahmoudi | Internship and Mentoring program coordinator

[email protected]

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