For employers

You can be interested in either hiring an MTE graduate or offer a student a Master project in your company.

MTE students come from all EPFL Sections, or from technical and scientific universities in Switzerland and abroad. During the MTE Master program, our students acquire knowledge in company management as well as a complement to their original technical background.

The MTE Master truly offers an important potential for accessing positions which require excellent technological skills as well as a solid expertise in management (e.g. Supply chain management, Project management, Technology & innovation management).

More information on the teaching program.

Offering MTE students a Master Project in your company means:

  • Identifying new multidisciplinary talents
  • Integrating new ideas and points of view
  • Testing a potential employee in real work conditions
  • Offering future engineers an enriching work experience
  • Becoming a partner of EPFL for the quality of education of the students.

There are two kinds of supervision of the Master Project:

At the company level: You will have to assign a person for the supervision of the daily work (operational and strategic aspects). This person will be called the company supervisor.

At the EPFL level: A professor will supervise the academic aspect of the project. This person will be called the MTE supervisor.

Next Master Project period:

Official dates for the next internship periods can be found by consulting the EPFL academic calendar.

Master Project propositions should be posted directly through the EPFL internship platform.

In order to do that, you need:

  • to create a company account, which you will be able to use for further internships
  • to propose the Master Project to the intention of MTE students, i.e. tick ‘Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship’ during the process.

After registration, your Master Project offer is automatically forwarded to the MTE section to be validated. Then, the open position is announced to the students and application files are forwarded to you electronically for the selection process.

Should you not be able to post internships online, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Be aware there are some official dates for the students to carry out their internship.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor? Are you a corporate executive or an entrepreneur? Would you be interested in mentoring EPFL students to help them throughout their studies and to meet peers who have the same vibe?

If you are …

  • Willing to share your skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Valuing ongoing learning & growth
  • Taking a personal interest in the mentoring relationship
  • Committed to leaving a legacy with a new generation of leaders

If you have …

  • Strong communication skills
  • Leadership experience
  • A positive attitude

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