Frequently Asked Quesions

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the services of the P2 Waste Disposal Facility

  • Which are the collection days of the P2 waste?

P2 waste is collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 7:00AM.


  • Following an important experiment, our laboratory has produced many a lot of waste after outside of the pick up times. Could we bring this waste to your Facility?

No, access to the P2 waste Facility is strictly reserved to the authorized personnel. However, if you have many wast bags overstocking in your laboratory, you may contact us by email or phone at number 39663 and we will collect your bags and or containers outside of the regular pick up times.


  • How should we package the solid waste produced in our laboratory?

Solid waste should be placed in the adequate waste bags with a biohazard logo. These are available in the SV Store with part number code19. Make sure that the bags are not damaged and that they are not overfilled. They should then be closed with a closure clamp, also available at the SV Store, part number code21.

Warning! Agar plates, gels and sharp objects should not be discarded in those bags.


  • How should we dispose of our Agar plates and gels?

All waste of gels and Agar plates have to be discarded in specific 30L yellow plastic containers. These can be ordered by email from our Facility. Once filled these containers should be labeled with a P2 barcode sticker and placed in your pick up area. They will also be collected by our personnel.


  • Our lab produces many Agar plates containing P1 GMOs. How can we dispose of this waste?

P1 GMOs grown on Agar plates may also be discarded in the yellow plastic bins. As for the P2 Agar waste, our personnel will provide you with the specific barcodes and collect the containers.


  • In our laboratory we perform experiments involving P1 bacteria non genetically modified. How should we dispose of this waste?

P1 non GMO bacteria grown on Agar plates can be discarded in the regular laboaratory garbage bins. They do not need decontamination. The bins will be collected by the cleaning company and disposed as regular laboratory waste.


  • How should we proceed with or P2 liquid waste? 

Liquids have to be collected in specific 4 liter polypropylene flasks with screw caps, both resisting autoclaving conditions. These flasks are available from the SV Store with part number code867.

Once filled, the bottles have to be tightly closed, wiped with some decontaminating agent and placed with the adequate barcode in the P2 dedicated red plastic boxes.


  • Where is located the storage area for P2 waste?

Your P2 waste should be placed in the dedicated red plastic boxes in your laboratory, usually close to the door of your P2 laboratory. If a collection area is not defined yet in your workplace, please contact our Facility, we will provide you the plastic boxes and advise you on where to place them.


  • I have noticed some red plastic mesh boxes, what are they for?

Those mesh boxes are provided also by our Facility for the return of the emplty flasks dedicated to the collection of liquid P2 waste. Once treated the liquid is discarded, the flasks are washed and returned to you in the mesh boxes.


  • Does the P2 waste Disposal Facility take care of Liquid waste containing GMOs?

In principle our Facility does not take care of P1 liquid waste. These, liquids should be brought by the users in the chemical liquid collection containers located in the waste rooms SV 0515 and AI 0235 of the SV School.


  • What is the price of the waste treatment performed in your Facility?
  • Please, visit the page here for all the information concerning the billing of our services.


  • How can we get the barcode labels for the identification of the waste?

The specific barcode stickers with the name of your laboratory have to be ordered by email at the following address: [email protected]. Make sure to include in your message the name of your laboratory and the type of waste you would like to identify.


  • Should we pretreat all the P2 liquid waste?

Pretreatment of your waste is not mandatory, because they are autoclaved in our Facility and therefore completely decontaminated. However, if you feel that because of your activities it would be better to pretreat your waste, you can do so by using either Gigasept or Virkon. Make sure not to use Vesphene or Bleach for pretreatment as they produce toxic vapors with the heat of the autoclaving cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions Concerning P2 Lab Coats

  • How can one get clean P2 lab coats?

P2 clean lab coats are distributed every Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:00AM to 12:00PM and from 2:00PM and 4:00PM in rooms AI 0231 and SV 1522.


  • How can one dispose of the dirty P2 lab coats?

P2 lab coats must be wrapped in your P2 laboratory in a yellow waste bage provided by our Facility. Those bags once filled should be closed and deposited beside the P2 waste collection area. Our personnel will take care to collect those yellow bags every Tuesday and Thursday morning along with your P2 waste.


  • I have spilled a large amount of a contaminated solution on my lab coat. How can I dispose it properly?

If a P2 lab coat was contaminated with a solution, it has to be wrapped and sealed in an appropriate yellow plastic bag. It can then be deposited by the P2 waste collection area


  • How much are the lab coats?

The price of the lab coats is included in the Facility monthly plan billed to the users, regardless of the number of lab coats used.