School of Life Sciences SV

Master students in Life Sciences Engineering receive a unique multidisciplinary training, combining extensive knowledge in basic sciences and an education merging biological sciences (biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, neuroscience) with engineering disciplines (computer science, bioinformatics, signal processing, imaging, material sciences). The student will choose specialized training in bioimaging and signal processing; bioinformatics and statistics; biomaterials; biomedical devices and drug delivery; infectious diseases; intellectual property and regulation in biomedical domain; molecular screening and automation; metabolism and nutrition; oncology.

What companies think of our internship program

“EPFL interns bring incredible creativity, passion and dedication to our lab. Their new and exciting ideas have a most welcome impact on our company.”

Dr. Tobias Kober, Director MR R&D Switzerland – Advanced Clinical Imaging Technology, Siemens Healthineers, Lausanne

“Veronica Ravano joined our lab with a great interest in clinical imaging technology and came up with a completely new way of looking at Multiple Sclerosis – which will help us develop better diagnostic solutions in the future.”


What students think of our internship program

“Working at Siemens Healthineers allowed me to contribute to a real-life clinical problem for the first time.”

Veronica Ravano

“This experience gave me the chance to bring my own contribution to a real-life clinical problem. It’s been a blast being part of this dynamic and multidisciplinary team!”


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