College of Management of Technology (CDM)

Master in Financial engineering students are very quantitative and have broad skills in all fields of Finance and Financial Engineering. Furthermore, their competences combine modern finance therory and computational methods with a practical knowledge of the forums in which they can employ these skills. They acquire a strong knowledge in derivatives pricing, asset management, securities trading, risk management, securities trading, structuring and underwriting, corporate finance and corporate restructurings as well as in venture capital and private equity. They have the perfect profile to rapidly integrate financial institutions such as investment banks, rating agencies, consulting and auditing companies, insurance companies and online trading companies.

Students enrolled in the master Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship come from all sections of EPFL and also from technical and scientific universities in Switzerland and abroad. During the MTE Master, they acquire knowledge in company management as a complement to the program’s technological basis, which gives them a very comprehensive education. This Master truly offers an important potential for accessing positions which require excellent technological skills as well as solid expertise in management.

Students enrolled in the master in Sustainable Management and Technology come from different sections of EPFL and universities in Switzerland and abroad, either following a bachelor in engineering or in management/economics. They are trained to become the leaders, entrepreneurs and managers able to navigate the new economic system that is currently shaping up. In terms of skillset, they are :
– able to think about sustainability and technology disruption issues at a systemic level, and to integrate them into an organization’s strategy,
– knowledgeable about critical current technologies (AI, security, robotics, digital, energy, life science),
– strong in data analytics,
– able to work in interdisciplinary and internationally diverse teams,
– able to leverage managerial skills (sustainable accounting and finance, sustainable logistics, project management, etc.) to implement innovative sustainable solutions to complex problems.

These students are a good fit with positions as project managers, sustainability managers in industry, sustainable finance analysts in banks, consultants, or as change makers in all types of organizations.