School of Computer and Communication Sciences IC

The master in Computer Science offers a unique choice of courses ranging from foundations of computer sciences, software and computer systems to Big data and construction of software. It also includes emerging disciplines such as Biocomputing. The following specializations are available: Computer Engineering; Foundations of Software; Internet Computing; Service Science; Signals and Image Interface and Software Systems. The official language of education is English.

The master in Communication Systems offers a unique education emphasizing the interplay of mathematics, physics, computer science and electrical engineering. It allows students to deepen their knowledge in an area of personal interest. The following specializations are offered: Information Security; Internet Computing; Networking and Mobility; Signals, Images and Interfaces; Wireless Communication. The official language of education is English.

Data Science extracts knowledge by analysis of large, noisy, complex and often heterogeneous data. It is not only a new research paradigm but also at the root of innovative applications in all sectors of the economy, e.g. drug discovery and personalized medicine in medical and life sciences, automated wealth management and fraud detection in banking, micro-advertising in retail, root cause defect analysis in manufacturing, the analysis of world food systems, just to name a few. Many of these innovations are disruptive and have already begun to reshape entire business fields. The goal of this Master program is to place our students at the forefront of this exciting development.

We hear about data breaches and attacks on critical infrastructure every day. How do we safeguard our information society? How do we promote trust? How do we engineer an information infrastructure that has security built in from the start in a principled way?

These are the central questions of Cyber Security – an exciting and crucial research area within Computer Science Master.

Internship coordinator