Cross-School Master’s programs

Quantum Science and Engineering master prepares students to handle the new paradigm shift brought by quantum science and technology in the way we treat data, communicate, measure, compute, and conceive algorithms. Thanks to their broad vision of diverse aspects of the field, they will have the ability to understand the challenges of this new technology frontier and acquire the fundamental tools to deal with it.

In addition to their strong background in quantum science, students have the opportunity to focus their training on the quantum information and computation or on the quantum hardware aspects, which will enable them to become experts in their field.

Graduates are also trained in related classical disciplines (e.g., machine learning, cryptography, information science, electronics, nanotechnology,…) and, besides pursuing careers in quantum science, they are also highly appreciated in the information technology sector and the industry at large.

Neuro-X engineers have a multidisciplinary profile which complements the fundamental skills of engineers and medical-domain specialists by a strong technological component, making them highly valued professionals in neurotechnology.

 The three pillars of this master program (Foundations of neuroscience, Computational neuroscience and Neuro-engineering) enable graduates to work for clinical applications orproduct development.

 Thanks to its interdisciplinary aspect, this program prepares students to become innovative health professionals in the industry (MedTech, pharmaceutical companies or health care) or in hospitals. Their ability to see the big picture in terms of systems combined with a realistic perspective of what it means to develop a product makes them highly esteemed professionals able to interact with experts from many other domains.

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