Master thesis in EPFL

During the Master thesis, students use their scientific and technical knowledge on real applications, while applying as well their qualities in terms of creativity, curiosity and scientific rigor.
The Master thesis is associated to a pre-study, which takes place in MA3.
The Master thesis can only start after the student has successfully succeeded his engineering internship.

Official dates for the Master thesis can be found in the academic calendar.

The Master thesis in general will be done in a Civil Engineering laboratory.

Collaboration with an outside institution is possible, but needs to be submitted and accepted by the director of the thesis in question and the direction of the section of Civil Engineering.

Suggested project topics by the Civil Engineering professors can be consulted in the projects portal (IS-Academia). Students can nevertheless submit their own topic proposition for their Master thesis to a professor, which will then become his project director.

Duration of the Master thesis is set to 17 weeks in the section of Civil Engineering, 25 weeks for an exchange thesis.

The delivery deadlines are fixed by the registrar´s office.

If the project is finished before the delivery deadlines, you can of course submit it earlier.

Electronic version to be downloaded on the EPFL IT platform ENACshare.

Then send the link by email to [email protected], with the professor and the expert in CC.

(The 3 email addresses have to show on the same email in order to formalized the delivery of the PdM).

A paper version may be required by the professor or the expert. To be confirmed with them directly.

Registration procedure (for pre-study & master project)

  •  Choose the topic and contact the professor in charge in order to specify the goals
  • Please check the list of teachers authorized to supervised pre-studies and master projets in Civil Engineering Section. In case your supervisor is not listed in the above list, an official request has to be made to the Civil Engineering secretariat. Please download this form and send it per email to [email protected]
  •  Register the Master Project on IS-Academia (with course registration module)

Exchange students: visit Exchange Master Thesis  and Academic service web pages

The preparation of a poster summarizing the main lines of your master project is mandatory.

This poster is intended to be downloaded into “Infoscience” in order to update the database of EPFL master projects.

Not applicable to confidential master projects.