Cycling routes

In 2018, EPFL Sustainability, in collaboration with ProdActive, organized free cycling coaching sessions at EPFL.

The goal was to teach cyclists how to navigate major roads at rush hour and get them to discover commuting routes in a more secure environment. To meet the preferences of a maximum of commuters, three types of routes were designed to or from Lausanne, Prilly, Morges and Renens (see maps below):

  • Scenic ride: a route that avoids traffic, in a pleasanter and more secure environment
  • Swift and relaxed: a route that combines speed with safety
  • Traffic and direct: a swift itinerary that uses the major roads of the urban area.


From Lausanne

Parcours Lausanne-EPFL

From Renens

Parcours Renens-EPFL

From Morges

Parcours Morges-EPFL

From Prilly

Parcours Prilly-EPFL

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