Applying for subsidies

The EPFL may grant a recognized association financial support for a duly submitted specific project. In that case, the association shall report to the EPFL on the state of its finances, the use of resources for its project and the latter’s outcome.

The files of subsidy have to be transmitted to the DAF ([email protected]) latest on November 30, 2019.

The request of subsidy must include:

– Accounts (Balance sheet & Losses and Profits) of the past year. Please, imperatively use the following file here (in french only).
Annual report for the previous academic year.
Presentation of the project (max 3 pages) for which you wish to obtain a subsidy, including the result (profit) of the previous edition and the budget for the edition to come.
– If not already sent in the current year, please transmit diverse official documents: statutes / list of the committee members / emails of the association / date and Minutes of the last general assembly.
– The Application form (in french only) of subsidy duly filled! Watch out, the spending bound to transport (Mobility) has to be integrated into the request.