Available resources and tools

"In life, nothing is to be feared, everything is to be understood." Marie Curie, physicist and chemist,1867-1934

Once your association is recognized by EPFL, you are entitled to various advantages and help from EPFL.

Accréditation is the eponymous online EPFL application which manages the management of access rights to EPFL resources. Developed in the form of a database, it allows the management and monitoring of roles and profiles of anyone linked to EPFL, allowing them to access various services provided by the school.
For more information, please see accreditations (in french only)

For the people of the EPFL: send to [email protected] the list of the people to be accredited. Please inform us about their SCIPER number.

For the people out of the EPFL: send to the AVP SAO ([email protected]) a copy of the ID card for the attribution of a SCIPER number, without which the accreditation is not possible.

Once the people duly authorized, people from the association have to do what’s necessary with the services concerned to obtain the deliberate rights (local accesses, Camipro card, etc.).

Communication of extra muros communication

With the exception of a few insitutional events, all external campus events must be privately organized.

EPFL does not participate in the financing or organization of this type of event. The School must not be mentioned in any communication, contracts or with sponsors.

The communication channels, resources and infrastructures of the School may not be used to promote an extramural event.

Only the EPFL displays posters boards are available. 

Associations have the possibility of informing the EPFL community of their activities through the memento of associations. This tool was specially developed in their intention, and allows to categorize the announced events, as well as to describe their contents.

Announcements are moderated by students members of student associations.

Once a week, an automatic extraction of the contents of the memento is made, and sent in a concatenated way to all the students of the campus.

It is also possible to subscribe to the information of the memento, by choosing certain parameters of extraction.

Memento and following generic list news[email protected] are the only ways authorized for associations to contact the student population of the EPFL. Any abuse of the other generic lists, even those moderated, is liable to penalties, which could go to the abolition of the status of association recognized by the EPFL.

Associations recognized by the EPFL can, once a half-year, use the list of distribution [email protected] which clocks towards all the students and the PhD students of the EPFL.

Commissions, clusters and other groups present in the formal structure of associations recognized by EPFL (hereinafter “groups”) may make an exceptional request to be sent to moderators ([email protected]), justifying the reasons for using this address beyond the generally accepted quota of one email per semester (specificity of the information, structure of their association, etc.).

  1. The moderators will be responsible for judging the relevance of sending the email via the address.
  2. The right of use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for each mail to be sent via the address.
  3. The group having obtained an exceptional right of use must comply with these regulations. In the event of obtaining an exceptional right of use, the group cannot claim more than one sending per semester.

A jury compound of 5 moderators (students) checks the contents. If 3 juries agree, your news is freed and sent to every students and PhD students of the School. If I jury does not agree, reasons will be communicated to the sender. Response time within 72 hours. The moderators are reachable on the address [email protected] .

All moderators are members of associations and follow a charter to coordinate on the release of messages.

For information, in case of associative emails, using following emails addresses «personnel.epfl@epfl» and «[email protected]» is not allowed.

Memento and following generic list news[email protected] are the only ways authorized for associations to contact the student population of the EPFL. Any abuse of the other generic lists, even those moderated, is liable to penalties, which could go to the abolition of the status of association recognized by the EPFL.

The “announcements” feature allow you to quickly send messages, with push notifications, to your subscribers and members, directly readable within the EPFL Campus app. You can find all information and the way to activate the feature here.

You can make announcements on the School screens by requesting it here on ServiceNow. The display criteria are :

  • The poster dimensions are “1920 x 1080 pixels”
  • The document format is “.jpg”
  • The size of the document is max. 1 Mo
  • The name of the document should not exceed 36 caracters before extension .jpg

For the associations recognized by the EPFL, a new logo came into application since 01.01.2021. The associations must now use this acronym instead of the EPFL logo on communications intended for the EPFL community.

The documents can be downloaded directly from this page.

Directives regarding the use of logos are on go.epfl.ch/mcv and documents need to be download on inside.epfl.ch/corp-id

THE EPFL authorizes the placarding of posters emanating from the EPFL or from the UNIL, from the associations recognized by one of the two institutions.

For the EPFL associations, the information has to be asked to [email protected]

For the UNIL, you can address your request to the desk of the FAE (021 692 25 91) / [email protected].

Wild placarding out of the steles or not corresponding to the directives above will be removed at the expense of companies or people.

Dismantling :
When ? Every first working day of the month
What ? All posters

Dates of posters desmantling 2024

Subject to availability, EPFL may make classrooms available to recognised associations, on request, to facilitate the management of business by committee members and the organisation of events.

Associations shall commit themselves and their members to observe any instructions for the use of resources put at their disposal and shall use these according to the rules of propriety.

Request for temporary storage space:
The AVP SAO provides associations with 1 temporary storage room, located in the shelters under the Place de l’Esplanade. 5 m2 are available to store consumable material related to the organisation of events. Please send your request to [email protected].

Request for a classroom for one-off association meetings:
Committee meetings or general assemblies can be the subject of a request for a classroom reservation. This must be sent to Médiacom-Évènements using this form at least 5 days in advance.

Room requests for association events :
Events on the EPFL campus are managed by Médiacom-Événements. Please refer to this page for application forms, deadlines and any other useful information for the organisation of your event.

Subject to availability,  100x50x190 cm lockers may be attributed to associations without premises on campus. These are usually located on the ground floor (level 0) of the Centre Est and Centre Midi.

Please apply to [email protected] a completed application form

You may contact us at [email protected] for any works request in order to evaluate your needs, attaching:

  • a description of the work to be done, the problematic of que current situation and the improvements that will result from those works
  • any estimate you have obtained for this work (when could be applied)

In case of breakdown or other dammage relating to:

  • premises: please e-mail the CAE on [email protected]. Repairs will carried out as soon as possible.
  • IT resources:   please call extension 1234 or 021 693 1234 from outside the campus between 8 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday. The IT Help Desk will record your contact details and the problem you reported. You may also send an e-mail to [email protected] at any time and copy to [email protected].

Laptops to borrow for your events

A pool of 50 laptops is available for loans within the framework of events organized by associations recognized by the EPFL. Laptops are conditioned in boxes of transport; a box contains 5 laptops.

For safety reasons and to facilitate the transport of the equipment, the loan is made by default by box (minimum 5 laptops). If your needs limit themselves to 1 or 2 machines, the loan is also possible but it is necessary to specify in that case the number of computers wished in the form of loan, under “comments”. The loans are only made on a short duration and cannot exceed 1 week.

Please make the request using this form

The description of the equipment as well as the conditions of the loan are available for consultation here.

The VPA SAO provides parking passes that can be borrowed by associations in order to help them in the organisation of their events.

The loan lasts as long as the event but at the latest for one week up to 3 parking passes can be borrowed for the same event, according to availability.

Associations willing to borrow parking passes are requested to send this form to [email protected] at least 7 days in advance.

EPFL a some negotiated rates with Mobility, for your association to benefit from them (at your expenses), please directly contact [email protected].