Applying for subsidies

Konstantin Evdokimov (2021)

Each year the VPA SAO offers grants to acknowledged student’s associations for duly submitted specific campus projects.

The applicant shall report to the EPFL on the state of its finances, the use of resources for its project and the latter’s outcome if support is granted.

One project per acknowledged student association may be submitted.
If the association is composed of statutory committees, regardless of the number of committees, the association may submit 2 applications for funding.

Grantings are awarded taking into account the following criterias :

  • Applications related (in priority) to one-off or recurring projects (and not running and food&breverage costs) that benefit a majority of students on campus.
  • Applications received from associations that lack the means to fully finance their projects.
  • Applications related to projects aimed at improving the integration or representation of students, promoting cultural diversity, or proposing festive or artistic events, thus contributing to the animation of the campus.
  • Within the limit of our available budget.

Projects or activities of section’s associations or similar (MAKE projects or associations being supervised by an EPFL academic representative) are excluded from this procedure. Exceptions can be discussed if the project / activity is open to the whole community, with a financial participation of the EPFL unit that supervises them.

The grant application must be sent by Thursday, November 9, 2023 to [email protected]. Files incomplete by this date or submitted after the deadline will be automatically discarded.

AVP SAO will then examine all the files before taking a grant decision and will inform the applicant no later than March, 15 2024.

Your grant application file must include the following documents :

  • Grant application form (only in French)
  • Description of the project / event for which you are requesting financial support (3 pages max.)
  • 2024 budget of the project / event & 2023 achieved budget of same project / event (if it applies).
  • 2024 global budget of the association & 2023 Profits and Losses account (according to the template provided here ).
  • 2023 estimate Balance Sheet Account & 2022 Balance Sheet Account (according to the template provided here ).
  • Activity report for the previous year, that is 2023-24.
  • Sponsorship file & list of prospects.

Note that the Balance Sheet & Profits and Losses account templates for the presentation of accounts can be modified according to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to rework it and use it for the presentation of the annual accounts of your association to the General Assembly.

VPA SAO offers an accounting course on Mondays 16, 23 and 30 October to members of the steering committees interested in this aspect, and more particularly to the treasurers who will find there the necessary assistance in the preparation of the accounting documents required above.

In the event of a positive response to your grant application, you will be asked to establish an invoice so that we can make the payment to the association’s account (no payment will be made to accounts in the name of individuals).

Please find here the template for your invoice.


IMPORTANT – INVOICING INFORMATION : The EPFL invoicing system is now centralized.

Your invoice, which must contain your full bank details, must mention the recipient’s postal address and e-mail address:

Accounts Payable
Station 99
1015 Lausanne
[email protected]

The EPFL e-mail address of the above recipient ([email protected]) is the only one that should appear on the invoice. No other EPFL e-mail address (generic EPFL address of your association or EPFL e-mail address of one of its members) should be mentioned on the document because the new artificial intelligence tool that processes the invoices recognises only one EPFL e-mail address.

In addition:

– The invoice must contain only one document as an attachment and in PDF format

– The invoice must be sent by e-mail only to the following address: [email protected]

Please copy Anne Remillet, who is in charge of the finances of our unit, on your e-mail. This will enable her to follow up the processing of your invoice.