0% loan

0% loan for EPFL Students

Fondation pour les étudiants de l'epfl Credit Suisse

The social foundation for EPFL students has made a partnership with Credit Suisse to allow all Bachelor and Master students to get a 0% interest loan in order to purchase a Poseidon laptop :


  • Interest rate : 0%
  • Application fees: 0.- CHF
  • The social foundation for EPFL students vouches for you. You therefore do not have to show either your paycheck or your parents’.

Affected Products

  • All Poseidon laptops (warranty/insurance not mandatory)


  • Any Bachelor or Master students at EPFL (no postgrad, Phd, CMS or exchange students)
  • Must have an official address in Switzerland (otherwise won’t be able to open a bank account)

General loan policy

  • One laptop maximum.
  • For BA 1-2 students: max 1,000 CHF loan
  • For students BA 3-4 or higher: max 2,500 CHF loan
  • For BA 5-6 and MA 3-4 students, as well as students repeating their year, the loan has to be reimbursed by May 31st of the following year.
  • The reimbursement must be at least of 100 CHF per month, and should be completed within a maximum of 12 months.
  • The loan conditions are set by our partner Credit Suisse.
  • Having a valid residence permit
  • If you’re over 30 years old the bank account won’t be free.


1) Make sure you fulfill all requirements

2) Place your order on the supplier’s website and choose the following payment options:

  • HP : Wire order
  • Lenovo : NCS or Darest : Prepaid
  • Art-Computer: Wire order

3) Wait until you get the email and print it or wait for the invoice and photocopy it. WARNING you do not need to pay for the laptop at this point, Credit Suisse will take care of it.

4) Fill in this PDF form and print it.

pdf form

5) Come to the Poseidon Helpdesk with the form and a copy of the documents asked in the back of it.

6) Make an appointment with the Credit Suisse