Manage your weekly presence

Brief description

Announce presences enable you to manage your work schedule so that you add new working time period.

WARNING : distribution of attendance time serve as the base on calculation of holiday and public holiday balances. Therefore, it must be up to date.

How to access

From homepage « Absences and presences », go to « Weekly presence », and click on « manage presences »

how to access

How to manage presences

  1. By clicking on the button « manage presences », the following window is displayed
how to declare presences
  1. Choose the desired action
  • Define a new presence period
  • Create an exception on your normal period
  • Modify or delete a period here below
  • If a chisel appears at the beginning of your presence period, first you have to cut the period as the previous year is already validated and closed. A new line will be created for the current year and and you can then update your current weekly presence. If you want to update a period from a previous year, please contact the absences helpdesk : [email protected]
  1. In any case, the following window is displayed

This window enable you to :

  • Define your presence period
  • Assign halfday per instance if you are working for several instances

The application automaticaly control if the amount of hours is matching with your contract.