Minor MTE

Minor MTE

What is the Minor MTE ?

The Minor in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship is a complementary education to the engineering education. The Minor MTE is proposed to students with a Bachelor (180 credits) and who have started their Master’s studies at EPFL in another section than MTE.

This education provides students with the necessary tools to understand and solve problems situated at the interface of management, technology and entrepreneurship, and gives them a basic understanding of how companies operate.

The Minor MTE meets many requirements: from students who want to combine their technological education with entrepreneurial skills and from manufacturers who would like to hire engineers trained in their specific field as well as in management.

The Minor MTE takes place during the Master’s studies and requires obtaining 30 credits before the beginning of the Master Project.

Enrollment is made in is-academia, in the student’s section of origin as well as in the MTE section.

Deadline to register: end of the first semester of the master program.

Admission condition: Students must be enrolled in one of the EPFL Masters’ programs.
Credits: 30 credits.
Length of the Minor MTE: The 30 credits of the Minor MTE must be obtained before the beginning of the Master Project.
Mention of the Minor MTE: The Minor MTE will be duly mentioned in the “Diploma Supplement” which is given along with the original Diploma.
Responsible of the Minor MTE: Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse
Information: Ms Françoise Jeannotat
Registration deadline: End of the first semester of the Master studies
Registration form: It is mandatory to complete the form with the chosen courses before sending it to the MTE section and the section of origin. Deadline: end of the first semester of the Master studies at the latest.
Send the completed registration form to: EPFL SMTE
Station 5
CH – 1015 LausanneTel : +41 21 693 01 22 / Fax : +41 21 693 00 20
email: [email protected]

Section MTE Office Hours

Odyssea Building
Office 3.18
Tuesday to Thursday from 8.30AM to 11.30AM
Phone: +41 21 693 01 22
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