Submission Details

Entry period: before 1 October 2020  (23:59 Swiss time).

Images will be printed in A2 format (420 x 594 mm, portrait or landscape) at 300 dpi (3500×5000 pixels). Please comply with the image format (width:height ratio of 1:1.4142), otherwise we cannot guarantee that what you send is exactly what will be printed.

Example Submission with advice (pdf)

Lower resolutions are possible, but will potentially generate artifacts when resized.

No matter the resolution, please respect the aspect ratio (you can pad your image with a background color or texture of your choice), or you will end up with white borders!

Submission Templates

Please use the following templates to assist you

Blank PNG Template (156KB)

Blank PDF Template (604KB)

Blank AI Template (604KB)

Submitted videos should be between 15 and 30 seconds long, and at least in HD quality (1280x720px @30fps). You can submit in Ultra HD (1920×1080 @60fps). Video formats should be avi or mp4 format, without soundtrack. Videos in the wrong format will be upscaled to fit the proportions of the TV screen, with black bands if necessary.

Please use a file sharing service (EPFL Google Drive, SWITCHDrive) when submitting your entry. You will be prompted to provide this link during your registration to the contest.