Bioclimatic Facades | 2011-2013

Architecture and sustainability: Performance studies

Lecturers: Prof. Marilyne Andersen, Prof. Emmanuel Rey, Dan Bolomey, Dr. Shady Attia, Dr. Sophie Lufkin

In 2012 and 2013, the course is structured around a design project for the bioclimatic façade of an administrative building based on functional objectives: expression and performance. Students work in teams of three aiming to design the envelope of a basic building (“building 0”) in order to apply bioclimatic and sustainability concepts by progressively increasing the complexity of the project with time.

Four performance criteria are integrated in the facade design process: energy balance, thermal comfort, visual comfort and environmental impact. The structural and construction criteria of the facade will also be considered, in order to create a realistic facade design.

These various criteria will be introduced in three phases.

• The first phase will allow developing a facade concept with a given typology (curtain facade, massive or double-skin), based on bioclimatic architecture principles.
• The second phase will adopt a quantitative approach including the analysis and application of the four performance criteria, as well as the structural and construction criteria. In order to assess the envelope, the use of certain building performance simulation tools will be taught.
• The third phase will allow moving forward and finalizing the project by integrating these criteria into a comprehensive concept of facades, validated by their bioclimatic performance evaluation.