Robotics and mechanical systems

Relevant EPFL laboratories

BIOROB – Biorobotics Laboratory (Auke Ijspeert)

Steady and unsteady flows in thermal turbomachinery

LAMD – Laboratory for Applied Mechanical Design (Jürg Shiffmann)

small scale turbomachinery for decentralized energy conversion

LASA – Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (Aude Billard)

Robust and adaptive control architectures to realize skillful robot motions.

LIS – Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Dario Floreano)

Aerial, evolutionary and soft robotics

LSRO – Robotic Systems Laboratory (Hannes Bleuler)

Robotics, micro-robotics and high precision instrumentation.

RRL – Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory (Jamie Paik)

Reconfigurable and soft robotics.