Master SIE

The SIE Master’s programme trains versatile environmental engineers with their own area of specialization. The EPFL environmental engineer is an essential partner in sustainable development. He or she participates in the development of processes and technological equipment and provides data and analyses to help the decision-maker in his or her choices, thus enabling the pursuit of economic activity in line with society’s challenges.

Education is provided in English and French BUT the Master can be done completely in English.

SIE Master’s structure

The core courses (48 credits) include “Compulsory courses” and “SIE specific courses” options. It enables students to acquire excellent knowledge in environmental engineering in the fields of environmental pollution, resource management, waste treatment and environmental modelling and monitoring. Carrying out group projects prepares students for teamwork in which multiple actors and issues often intervene.

Specialized training, known as specialization or minor (30 credits), offers the student the opportunity to deepen a particular aspect of the SIE field or to complete his or her training in another field.

The options (30 credits) allow the student to complete the chosen specialization or minor, or to follow courses offered in other specializations or minors.

The Master Project (30 credits) follows the Master cycle with a research project which may take place at EPFL, in another academic unit or in partnership with an industry in Switzerland or abroad.

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