Interdisciplinary Centers


A joint initiative between EPFL and the University of Lausanne, the CLIMACT Center promotes innovation for the future of society and infrastructure in our changing world, as well as resilient and low-carbon pathways of socio-ecological-technical systems. CLIMACT aims to support climate action applicable from mountaintops to city centers based on data-centric, evidence-based approaches coupled with novel technology and innovative solutions.



EcoCloud is one and only academic center of its kind enabling eco-friendly smart data through resilient, efficient, secure and trustworthy data platforms.

Ecotox Centre

The Swiss Centre for Applied Ecotoxicology (Ecotox Centre) detects and assesses the environmental effects of chemicals and develops strategies for minimizing their risk.

Energy Center

The Energy Center (CEN) and the associated EPFL’s Energy Systems Management Chair intend to foster multidisciplinary research projects and networks to develop sustainable energy production, storage, transportation, distribution and end-use systems and technologies.


Enterprise for Society Center (E4S)

The Enterprise for Society Center (E4S) is an innovative alliance between three institutions of renowned excellence: UniL’s Faculty of Business and Economics (UNIL-HEC), the Institute for Management Development (IMD) and EPFL. E4S is at the forefront of the transition toward a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy. E4S trains future leaders, inspires economic and social transformation, accelerates innovation and start-ups, and promotes responsible management and sustainable technology.

EssentialTech Centre

The EssentialTech Centre Aims to harness science and technology to drive sustainable development, support humanitarian action and foster peace.

Excellence in Africa

Excellence in Africa works to benefit scientific research excellence throughout the African continent.


Habitat Research Center            

The Habitat Research Center is a transdisciplinary research platform exploring urban systems.


International Risk Governance Center (IRGC)    

The International Risk Governance Center (IRGC) is an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to extending knowledge about the increasingly complex, uncertain and ambiguous risks that affect society.


Limnology Center

The Limnology Center (LIMNC) Aims to provide socially-relevant and multi-disciplinary research to ensure the sustainable use and conservation of natural water resources, both on the national and international levels.


Smart Living Lab            

The Smart Living Lab is a research and development center for the built environment of the future.

Transportation Center

The Transportation Center (TraCE) is the interface between EPFL and external world (private and public sectors) for all questions related to the transportation and mobility of people and goods. TraCE’s main role is to foster technology transfer in this field through the initiation of partnerships with industry and public authorities.