Since 2015 the EPFL Fribourg has been housed at the Smart Living Lab, a research and development center for the future of the built environment, in the blueFACTORY innovation district. The construction phase for the new Smart Living Lab Building is slated for 2020 in Fribourg.

Smart Living Lab

The Smart Living Lab brings together the combined expertise of the EPFL, the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, and the University of Fribourg in research areas such as construction technologies, well-being and behaviors, interactions and design processes, and energy systems. It conducts interdisciplinary research projects through experiments in real conditions involving both researchers and companies. This allows partners from the private, public and academic sectors who are interested in developing innovative projects access to excellent research infrastructures available at the heart of the Switzerland Innovation Park (SIP) Network West EPFL.

Ioannis Mirtsopoulos (SXL) wins the eCAADe grant in Porto

— eCAADe + SIGRADI conference, Septembre 9-13, 2019, University of Porto (FAUP)

Team to design the future building of the Smart Living Lab selected

— PRESS RELEASE | The group made up of Behnisch Architekten, Drees & Sommer Schweiz AG, and ZPF Ingenieure AG wins the Parallel Studies Mandate (Mandat d’études parallèles – MEP) launched in 2018 by Bluefactory Fribourg-Freiburg SA and the Smart Living Lab in order to define the project of the new iconic building of the research center located in the blueFACTORY innovation district, Fribourg. The winning project, named “HOP”, was singled out amongst four proposals for its open, flexible, integrative and user-centric character, and for the experimental potential as its signature feature. It also has a remarkable environmental performance, due in particular to the use of wood as its main material. All projects will be presented during an exhibition from September 13 to 26 at the Smart Living Lab. The construction of the building will start end of 2020 in Fribourg, with a budget of 25 million francs voted by the State of Fribourg in 2018.

Smart Living Lab's annual report 2018

— The Smart Living Lab has published its 2018 annual report (in three languages) highlighting the Lab’s research activities dedicated to the future of the built environment. The report describes the launch of the parallel studies mandate for its future building, the inauguration of the NeighborHub solar house in the blueFACTORY innovation district, and outlines more than 100 interdisciplinary research projects.

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