Since 2014 the EPFL Fribourg has been housed at the Smart Living Lab, a research and development center for the future of the built environment, in the blueFACTORY innovation district. Construction of the building for the Smart Living Lab is set to begin in the coming years in Fribourg. The building will be at the cutting edge of efficient resource use over its complete life cycle. Its construction comes 30 years in advance of Switzerland’s 2050 energy targets.

Smart Living Lab

The Smart Living Lab brings together the combined expertise of EPFL, the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, and the University of Fribourg in research areas such as construction technologies, well-being and behaviors, interactions and design processes, and energy systems. It conducts interdisciplinary research projects through experiments in real conditions involving both researchers and companies. This allows partners from the private, public and academic sectors who are interested in developing innovative projects access to excellent research facilities available at the heart of the Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL.

Luisa Pastore, Marilyne Andersen, Sergi Aguacil Moreno, Head of the Building2050. ©A.Herzog/EPFL

A sustainable energy transition starts with individuals

— EPFL and the Smart Living Lab will embark on an eight-year research project designed to help Switzerland cut its energy use. A key feature of the project lies in the way it will engage with people through Living Labs. By bringing together universities, businesses and public-sector organizations, the project consortium hopes to develop sustainable systems that can also increase users’ comfort and well-being.

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Aeternum startup gets funding support

— Aeternum, a startup offering versatile, reusable flooring systems for circular buildings, is attracting interests from professionals. Aeternum has been selected as one of the 9 early-state startups (out of 130 applications from 30 countries) in the 2022 cohort of Leonard's Acceleration Program, organized by the Vinci Group. In January, Aeternum was selected has one of the 4 winners of the first NTN Innovation Booster for the Circular Building Industry, empowered by Innosuisse. Aeternum technology is based on research previously done at the Smart Living Lab, Fribourg, by the Structural Xploration Lab, EPFL and iTEC, Institute of Construction and Environmental Technologies, HEIA-FR.

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HOBEL won EPFL Science Seed Fund!

— "Exploring the unintended consequences of air cleaning chemistry" proposed by the head of HOBEL – Dusan Licina won EPFL Science Seed Fund! EPFL Science Seed Fund is a funds from EPFL Presidency to foster scientific exchange and encourage new collaborations in 2022. Only eight projects were selected in 2022.

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