ICE: Integrated Comfort Engineering

Achieving living energy sufficiency in buildings while staying comfortable within limits

The ICE lab focuses on an occupant-centered approach to the energy sufficiency of buildings by considering indoor (dis)comfort and well-being of people via advanced design and control of adaptive thermal systems.

The research is centered on reducing the operational energy of buildings by flexing the operational temperature of thermal systems by:

  • adopting low-temperature emission systems
  • personalized indoor thermal conditioning promoting well-being
  • adaptive hot water production considering hygiene issues
  • smart Machine Learning-based personalized controls

ICE is a research group within the smart living lab, which is a cutting-edge, inter-disciplinary, and interinstitutional platform focusing on sustainable buildings and well-being of occupants. Smart living lab concentrates its research on four core areas such as energy systems, construction techniques, interactions and design processes, well-being and behaviors.

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