Chemical Equipment

Equipement du labo de chimie
Condition of use
The Chemical Lab is open to all. A security introduction is mandatory before accessing the Chemical Lab.
Règlement du labo de chimie
Instrument manager
Babak Mazinani — People – EPFL
Analytical Balance VWR SMG2285DI-C (0.01 mg / 80 g; 0.1 mg / 220 g)
Mettler Toledo: PM4800 (0.01g / 800g, 0.1g / 4 kg)
Centrifuge Eppendorf Minispin speed 800-14,000 rpm, max. volume 12 x 1.5/2.0 mL
Centrifuge Hermle Z300K, max. speed 13500 rpm, max. volume 4 x 100 ml, thermostatted -10°C – + 40°C.
Conductivity Meter, Knick Konduktometer 703 + cells
Professional Dishwasher Miele G7883
EA164 QuadStat Module module, four channel potentiostat, range 10mA to 200pA
EA168 Quad PH MV Amp Module four channel high impedance electrometer, type pH/mV amplifiers, range ±2 V
EPU357 Conductivity IsoPod suitable for most 2-electrode conductivity probes, input ranges 2uS to 200mS
E Corder ED821 High Resolution Laboratory Data Recorder 8 channel, 16 bit A/D resolution, continuous recording up to 200 000 samples / s
Freezer ( 35°)
Fridge (not For Solvents)
Galvanostat Ecochemie PGstat12 max. current 250 mA, 12 V compliance Voltage, Bipot module (bipotentiostat), ECD low current module; lowest current resolution 0.3 fA at lowest current range of 100 pA Nova 2 software
High Pressure Chamber – pump up to 500 Bar
3x Hotplate-Stirrer
Orbital Shaker IKA MS3 basic, 200-3000 rpm
Memmert UE200 (32 liter, T < 300°C)
Oven Salvis TC100 (100 liter, T 120°)
Peristaltic Pumb ISMATEC BVP , 4 channel pump-head
PH Meter, Orion Model 610 +ISFET pH probe
Refrigerated Circulating Waterbath Julabo (-28 < T < 200°C)
Binocular Stereo Microscope Leica MZ8 Zoom 6.3-50X
Leica CLS150 Fiber Optic Light Source
Stereo Microscope Leica MZ12 Can Be Used In Other Labs zoom 8-100 X, + Leica CLS150 fiber optic light source
Surface Tension Measurement Kibron EZ-Pi
Syringe Pump Cetoni Nemesys base station + 4 dosing modules NEM-B101-02 C with valve, independently programmable
Ultrasonic Bath Bandelin Sonorex RK102H, 3 liter, 30-80°C, 2 x PZT HF generators 2 x 240W/Per.
Vacuum Pump KNF N838.3KN.18
Small Vacuum Chamber
Heated Vacuum Chamber