IT ENAC Valais

Support IT

Our IT specialist for ALPOLE is Dylan Portmann, his office is ALP 3 001.

If you need IT assistance, create a ticket by sending an e-mail to the following address : [email protected]

  • Administration of GASPAR, mailing accounts, EPNET network services (IP address administration, network modification), Intranet access, Inventory.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of laptop and desktop computers.

ENAC-IT4R – Data support services

ENAC-IT4Research offers software and data expertise through a team of developers available to support ENAC researchers in making best use of their data by building effective and reproducible pipelines and interfaces. 

Our local ALPOLE IT4R software developer is Evan Thomas, his office is ALP 3 001.

  • For all requests regarding data support or potential projects, please reach [email protected] (or stop by Evan’s office!)
  • ENAC-IT4R provides a (1) *free* direct support data help desk for short questions, and (2) for tailored services/development specific to labs’ projects, they bill their time at standard SNSF U1 rate of 75.-/hr. Note that ALPOLE labs get some free credits as part of a special ALPOLE-IT4R agreement.