Daily life

Reservation of rooms, lobbies and cafeteria

The auditorium (180 places), the 3 classrooms (26, 34 et 56 places), the lobies of 1st and 2nd floor and the cafeteria of Microcity are available to staff and EPFL students for meetings, seminars, PhD defenses or other EPFL related events.

To make a reservation, please :

  1. Make a pre-reservation request for the desired room at the reception by phone or by mail to [email protected]
  2. Fill in the form organize an event
  3. Under “have you already reserved a location for your event” indicate YES and specify the pre-reserved room
  4. Wait for confirmation of the reservation

For other meeting rooms, please contact the secretary of you unit.

Lone workers

Persons are called “lone workers” when they are on their own, when they cannot be seen or heard by others. The lone worker cannot be rescued immediately after an accident or when he finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Directives to follow for lone workers


Mobility cars are available on the site of Microcity, near the 71c entrance at the end of the bike park. EPFL staff and students benefit from preferential conditions and can use their Camipro card to access these cars.

Self-service bicycles

There is a self-service bicycle station near the parking entrance of Microcity.

EPFL employees can obtain a discount voucher for the annual subscription by registeringt here.

How to meet others

Here are some activities you could participate in if you would like to meet colleagues outside your unit or learn more about their areas of research:

How to meet others


Microcity Beer Club

Logl MAD


Microcity Activity Department

PhD defenses

You may receive tons of email concerning PhD public defenses taking place in Lausanne. However, if you read these emails carefuly, you will notice that some of them take place at Microcity ! Do not hesitate to register to these defenses and to the following aperitif, even if you do not know (yet) the PhD candidate.