Sharing of parking spaces in Neuchâtel

The Camipro Service, EPFL Sustainability and the EPFL NE management have launched a pilot project to share parking spaces on the Neuchâtel campus in order to make better use of existing resources and to promote multimodal travel.
Microcity campus © Alain Herzog / EPFL, 2019

Microcity Campus © Alain Herzog / EPFL, 2019

From June 2021 on, tenants of a parking space at MC will be able to make it available to other EPFL-NE employees when they are not using it.

This is how it works:

  • Log in to the parking space sharing portal
  • Parking space holders select on the platform the days and half-days when they do not use their parking space. The parking space becomes free and can then be reserved by other users.
  • People who wish to reserve a parking space must register beforehand on They may then reserve a free time slot on the platform.
  • Renting a parking space costs CHF 2.50 per time slot (morning, afternoon or night). It is deducted from the reserving person’s Camipro account and automatically credited to the Camipro account of the holder of the allocated space.
  • Access to the car park is automatically allocated to the applicant’s Camipro card.

In detail:

A person who has a yellow parking space in Neuchâtel:

A person who does not have a yellow parking space in Neuchâtel:


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