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The associated campus in Geneva is located at Campus Biotech and hosts EPFL centers and laboratories, whose professors, researchers and collaborators actively participate in scientific advances in the fields of neurosciences, neuroengineering and neurotechnologies, artificial intelligence and global health.

Campus Biotech view

EPFL Geneva is rooted in the fertile ecosystem of Campus Biotech, where interdisciplinarity and translation are at the heart of the projects developed by the Professors and their teams, in synergy with our partners, the University of Geneva, the Wyss Center for Bio- and Neuroengineering, the University Hospitals of Geneva, and the Campus Biotech Geneva Foundation.

The research teams are working towards a better understanding of the pathologies affecting our populations, including disorders of brain function, neurological disorders following trauma or vascular accidents, epidemiological threats and nutritional behaviours, for example.
In October 2022, EPFL saw the creation and inauguration of a new institute, the Neuro X Institute. It brings together teams from three EPFL faculties – the Faculty of Computer Science and Communication (IC), the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (STI) and the Faculty of Life Sciences (SV) – to form a collaborative, interdisciplinary community that is and will be conducting cutting-edge concepts and research at the crossroads of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and engineering. Sharing, knowledge creation and know-how are rooted in the very concept of the Neuro X Institute.

The teams’ ambition is to pursue research and innovation efforts to unlock the secrets of the nervous system, advance our Artificial Intelligence concepts to explore learning and behavior, and design innovative neurotechnologies to treat, cure and prevent neurological disorders and trauma.

Neuro X Institute

The Neuro X Institute is not only a three-school institute, a première at EPFL, but also operates on several sites. With its main hub at the vibrant Campus Biotech, where we work and share experimental resources with our colleagues from the University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospital. We also operate clinical interfaces in Lausanne (NeuroRestore) and Sion (with the Clinique Romande de Réhabilitation). These multiple facets of our activities reflect our burgeoning and collaborative way of working, crossing the boundaries of campuses and disciplines to better build the future of neurotherapies.

wireless microelectrodes aims to detect the location of epilepsy in the brain

Blue Brain Project

The aim of the EPFL Blue Brain Project, a Swiss brain research initiative founded and directed by Professor Henry Markram, is to establish simulation neuroscience as a complementary approach alongside experimental, theoretical and clinical neuroscience to understanding the brain, by building the world’s first biologically detailed digital reconstructions and simulations of the mouse brain.

Global Health Institute

Researchers at the Global Health Institute develop and apply new technologies to investigate human health and infectious diseases spanning from basic to translational sciences.


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