ALPOLE – Alpine and Polar Environmental Research Centre

The ALPOLE mission is to address key challenges related to environmental change in high-altitude and high-latitude regions both in Switzerland and in other sentinel locations worldwide that are undergoing rapid and unprecedented transformations. These transformations are of global, regional and local relevance for natural ecosystems, the built environment and human well-being. Researchers at ALPOLE focus on improving process-based understanding and predictions of climate-induced impacts on the environment, investigating environmental adaptation to climatic changes, and exploring mitigation and adaption strategies.

ALPOLE is part of the Institute of Environmental Engineering (IIE) and the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) and substantially expands its research activities and teaching program.

The IIE ALPOLE laboratories will co-locate with the Swiss Polar Institute, which provides support and services to the Swiss polar and high-altitude research community.