Urban planning and the heterogeneous city

A study of the technical, social and political controversies around the 2014-2034 Mumbai Development Plan (2015-2017)

This project analyses the Mumbai Development Plan 2014-2034 (MDP 2034) revision and its temporary withdrawal due to an unprecedented public outcry and strong criticism by both, experts and civil society. This event is highly representative of the tensions and conflicts pervading the development and regulation of contemporary cities in South and North. The study of the public arenas and controversies induced by the making of the MDP 2034 is a unique opportunity to develop a refined understanding of the increasing heterogeneity of contemporary urban development and the challenges it raises to urban planning. Thus we undertake a study of the technical, social and political controversies, which have been evolving around the MDP 2034.

Source of financing: SEFRI-Flash

Research team: Luca Pattaroni (Lasur ENAC), Christine Lutringer, Salomé Houllier et Tobias Baitch (Lasur ENAC), Amita Bhide and Richa Bharadwaj (TISS)

Partners: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, School of Habitat Studies

Recent activities: Workshop at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, on 23 November 2016