Transport & Mobility

Transportation and mobility are a perfect examples of multidisciplinary fields. The study of mobility and transportation systems of a company, a city, a region, a country or a continent needs to be addressed not only by its technical and economical aspects, but also by its different sociopolitical, cultural and corporate relations. The quest for a more sustainable mobility needs to take into consideration, since the very beginning, the close relation between transportation on one side, and economy, society and environment on the other side.

Content of the education

The specialization in transportation and mobility aims to deliver the key methodologies and tools needed to take a global approach, the only one capable to take into consideration the multidisciplinarity of this field. The offered range of courses includes education related to the three sections of ENAC (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering) and aims to:

  • Consolidate the expertise of aspects related to transportation engineering
  • Extend and deepen the knowledge of economics in the transportation field
  • Understand the relations between territory and transportation
  • Integrate the aspects related to the environment and society

The different courses making together the specialization in transportation and mobility can be found in the Civil Engineering study plan for a given year, specialization C: ► Study plan_2021-22

Career opportunities

More than 4’000 engineers in transportation are today working in Switzerland, in such diversified places, such as design offices, logistic and transportation companies, public administrations, and research, both applied and theoretical.

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