Electronic Workshop PH building

Our electronics laboratory consists of three people.

We are at your disposal to carry out and implement your projects in electronics:
  • Custom designing, realizing, mounting of simple circuits.
  • Construction and mounting of complex circuits according to your drawings.
  • Realization of simple & complex double-layer PCB circuits with SMD in CAD.
  • Various microcontrollers programming, such as PIC, Arduino…
  • Programmable logic.
  • LabView, C programming.
  • Projects design as well as analog, digital and high frequency electronics.
  • Various customized manufacturing of housings, installables in racks for instruments.
  • On demand realization of various power supplies for all possible configurations found in physics laboratories.
  • Repair, so far as possible, of the various electronic devices in the laboratories of physic.

A few more examples of achievements made in our electronic lab

Alimentations en rack 19 pouces
Mesure de pression M-Bus à PIC
Contrôleur de cryostat pour DNP
Mesure Temp & Hygro à Microcontrôleur
Programmation LabView
Spectromètre RPE
Modules haute-fréquences
Conception PCB en CAO avec Altium Designer
Calibration STM