III/V lab


  • Convac 1001S, 2 x Spin coater 0-10000 rpm for 2 inches wafers
  • ss MicroTec MJB3 UV400, 2 x Mask aligner for 4 x 4 inches masks with 365 nm to 405 nm light source
  • Mask aligner MA6, for 2.5 to 7 inches masks, 250 nm to 405 nm light source, max 2 inches Wafer, resolution of 0.5um
  • Süss MicroTec LabSpin6BM, 2 x Spin coater 0-8000 rpm for 2 to 6 inches wafer

Dry Etching

Wet Etching

  • HF, brome/methanol, HCL, HNO3, H4SO4, etc.

Thin Films Equipment

Metrology Equipment

  • SEM Jeol JSM-6701F, resolution of 1 nm at 15 kV and 2.2 nm at 1 kV for piece parts up to 2 cm wafers
  • Olympus BX51, Optical microscope with 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x objectives and 5 Mpx camera
  • Tencor Alphastep IQ, Profilometer for piece parts up to 4 inches wafers
  • Optical Microscope Sensofar S-Neox, Confocal + Interference modes. Resolution in confocal mode: 150nm lateral, 1nm vertical. Resolution in interference mode: 200nm lateral, <0.1nm vertical


  • Süss MicroTec HR 100, Scriber diamond two-sided for “toe scribing” and 60° cutting angle square shaft for piece parts up to 4 inches wafers
  • JFP Model 100, max 3 inches wafer scriber