250 questions to a crystallographer

by Gervais Chapuis

Table of contents


I would like to thank Florent Wenger, the IT specialist at the EPFL Institute of Physics for the design and realisation of this website. His outstanding competences and helpfulness are here particularly acknowledged.

My thanks also go to Nicolas Guiblin who assisted me in the preparation of exercises in crystallography for EPFL students in basic sciences. His mastering of professional drawings tools for illustrating the solutions of exercises delighted each student without exception. He created a pool of drawings from which I could select in my Quora answers.

The contribution of David Nicholson is gratefully acknowledged. He was very helpful in streamlining and improving the text and thus contributed to the quality of the answers.

My contribution to the Quora questions was greatly facilitated by the direct access to the Crystallography Open Database. The crystal structure data of most of the structures can be easily obtained and each desired representation could be readily created thanks to the great software VESTA for the visualization of electronic and structural Analysis.

Finally the contribution of Quora for the support and popularisation of the work of scientists is greatly acknowledged.