Crystal Factory

Chemistry Labs

The facility includes a chemistry lab where crystal growth precursors are synthesized, powders are mixed, and  crystals are purified and selected. This lab is equipped with a glove box for handling moisture or air sensitive materials. We have workbench for glassblowing where quartz ampules are prepared for crystal growth by Chemical Vapour Transport (CVT). We use our high-resolution optical microscope installed in a fume hood for crystals sorting and imaging.

Chemistry Laboratory

The growth preparation lab is the place where materials are sealed prior to CVT synthesis. We have four different workstations, each equipped with a furnace connected to gas lines allowing the encapsulation of several gaseous transport agents such as HCl, Cl2, HBr, NH3, H2, CO…

Growth Preparation Laboratory

Growth Labs

Growth of Bulk Single Crystals

Once the crucibles are filled and ampules are sealed, they are brought to the growth lab equipped with about 30 furnaces including horizontal two-zone furnaces, one 10-zone furnace for CVT as well as muffle and box furnaces for flux method crystal growth. There are tubular furnaces connected to different gas lines allowing the growth of crystals in controlled inert, oxidative, reducing or S containing atmospheres. In the lab, heat treatment and growth can also be performed in autoclaves under pressure (200 bar). We are using a homemade Bridgman furnace. All furnaces are computer controlled record the temperature during the entire growth processes.

Crystal Growth Laboratory

Growth of Nanostructures and Graphene

6 Chemical Vapour Deposition systems, which are horizontal furnaces equipped with a quartz tube, are installed in our Nanostructure Growth Laboratory. We have been growing carbon nanostructures and graphene for more than 10 years. We also have hydrothermal bombs for the synthesis of inorganic nanostructures.

Nanostructure Growth Laboratory

Sample Preparation Lab

The laboratory is equipped with numerous sample etching, polishing and cutting tools for sample preparation.