Grant and fellowship opportunities


The Institute of Physics accepts candidates for SNSF Ambizione and SNSF Starting Grants.

For these funding schemes, EPFL accepts both external and internal candidates. Candidates need to check that they comply with the specific eligibility criteria of each grant (see the respective websites).

Please refer to the relevant pages below for the IPHYS application procedures, timelines and deadlines for each of the funding schemes. The next IPHYS deadlines are indicated below. These are strict deadlines and files received after the deadline will not be considered:

IPHYS also considers applications for SNSF Consolidator Grants on a case-by-case basis. The next IPHYS application deadline is September 19th 2023 (Procedure & requirements).

Regarding SNSF Advanced Grants, candidates (who are not professors at EPFL) interested in being hosted at IPHYS should contact the IPHYS Direction (at [email protected]) as early as possible.