SNSF Ambizione

Institute of Physics

This document describes the process for getting support from the Institute of Physics (IPHYS) for application.


IPHYS accepts both external and internal candidates. Ambizione applicants who would like to be hosted at IPHYS must first be approved by the hosting institute according to the process described below.

Ambizione applicants must be hosted by a research unit and should therefore first obtain support from the host professor.

Upon successful application, Ambizione grantees will receive the title of Scientist (collaborateur·trice scientifique). They co-supervise the PhD students involved in their project, the supervisor being the head of the hosting research unit.

Internal applicants already working at EPFL must beware that the total duration of employment (CDD) at EPFL requires special exception beyond 6 years and can in no circumstances exceed 9 years.

Description of the selection process

Host professors are responsible for the selection of the candidates they would like to support. Supporting a candidate implies that the host professor commits to provide the necessary space and infrastructure for the success of the proposed project, including secretarial support, within the present means available to their unit. IPHYS cannot provide additional space or financial support in case an Ambizione project is granted.

Important: The host professor needs to state their commitment in an endorsement letter addressed to the IPHYS director and included in the pre-application file (please use the template provided below). Also, please make sure to indicate in the online pre-registration form (under ‘Equipment and Lab Office Space’) that lab & office space is provided by the host laboratory. In addition, the host professor prepares a letter of support for the SNSF file (detailed confirmation letter using the IPHYS template provided below), which is signed both by the host professor and the director of IPHYS (please use the IPHYS template provided below).


The application toolkit can be found here. Please read all the documents carefully and follow the instructions. The IPHYS procedure goes as follows:


  • Candidates need to fill out the EPFL online pre-application form for Ambizione grants, upload the detailed confirmation letter signed by the host professor (in pdf format using the IPHYS template provided below), a CV with publication list, the PDF generated from their mysnf application including the project description and requested funding, endorsement letter of the host professor (using the IPHYS template provided below), and submit their pre-application. Deadline: 19/09/2023
  • The Research Office, Human Resources, and (if applicable) the Equipment & Centers Management Office conduct an administrative and eligibility check.
  • The Director of the Institute and the Dean of the School of Basic Sciences (FSB) evaluate the files and give their approval.
  • The FSB sends to the supported candidates and the Research Office the detailed confirmation letter fully signed.
  • The Research Office provides the supported candidates with the general confirmation letter.


Timeline & deadlines

IPHYS deadlines are at midnight on the indicated date.  Files received after the deadline will not be considered.

IPHYS application deadline: September 19th, 2023

SNSF application deadline: November 1st, 2023 (17h)

IPHYS Template Host Endorsement Letter

IPHYS Template Detailed Confirmation Letter

EPFL toolkit for Ambizione applications 

EPFL online pre-application form

SNSF Ambizione