Clean Rooms

IPHYS has extensive facilities for micro- and nano-fabrication and characterization, including specialized III/V lab clean rooms, thin films deposition, dry etching, lithography, electron and atomic force microscopy. These are also open for use by interested researchers from other Institutes at EPFL.

Our facilities 

To use our clean room you must have passed the CMi introduction course

Then you can ask for “training request” and attach your porcess flow to the request, you will find us in zone 50, 51 and 52.

Situation in PH Building  –>–>


Head of clean room                                     

Nicolas Leiser

+41 21 69 33426
[email protected]

Laurence Carlin
+41 21 69 35475
[email protected]

Technical staffs                                

Yoan Trolliet
Damien Trolliet
Eliott Billy Wunderli (apprenti)


Useful links: Center of Micronanotechnology CMI