Plasma physics, fusion and fission

SPC – Tokamak Physics (SPC-TCV)

Ambrogio Fasoli

Plasma physics for fusion energy.

SPC – Basic Plasma Physics and Plasma Processing (SPC-BPP)

Ivo Furno

Basic plasma physics from fusion to industrial and societal applications of plasmas.

Laboratory of Reactor Physics and Systems Behaviour (LRS)

Andreas Pautz

Reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, fuel rods engineering, reactor safety, and accident inspection and analysis procedures.

SPC – Theory (SPC-TH)

Paolo Ricci

Study of plasma dynamics.

SPC – Edge Plasma Physics (SPC-PB)

Christian Theiler

Experimental studies of the boundaries of the plasma in tokamaks.

SPC – Theory (SPC-TH)

Laurent Villard

My research interests are in the theory and numerical simulation of magnetically confined fusion plasmas. Most of it focus on the problem of anomalous transport caused by small scale turbulence. The problem involves massively parallel code development.