Physics of Biological and Complex Systems

Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics (LBS)

Paolo De Los Rios

The research activity of Paolo De Los Rios focuses on applications of statistical physics to biological systems and to the structure of complex networks. Understanding the physics of biological molecules.

Laboratory of Functional and Metabolic Imaging (LIFMET)

Rolf Gruetter

State-of-the art imaging in biomedical science focused to early diagnostics and treatment planning of health problems and diseases.

Information, Learning & Physics Laboratory (IDEPHICS)

Florent Krzakala

IdePHICS focusses on problems from computer science, machine learning, statistics and signal processing using many mathematical tools and in particular using ideas from theoretical statistical physics.

Laboratory of Experimental Biophysics (LEB)

Suliana Manley

We use super-resolution fluorescence imaging techniques combined with live cell imaging and single molecule tracking to determine how the dynamics of protein assembly are coordinated.

Laboratory of the Physics of Biological Systems (LPBS)

Sahand Jamal Rahi

Our laboratory uses theory and experiments to uncover mathematical laws as well as new phenomena in systems of interacting genes and cells.

Living Patterns Laboratory (LPL)

Guillermina Ramírez-San Juan

Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan considers questions relating to the fundamental mechanisms affecting how cilia function. She combines aspects of cell biomechanics and the use of model organisms with expertise in chemical biology and whole tissue imaging.

Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy (LBEM)

Henning Stahlberg

We develop and apply high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy tools, and use them to study neurodegeneration and membrane protein systems.

Physics of Complex Systems Laboratory (PCSL)

Matthieu Wyart

Elasticity and mechanical stability in disordered solids, granular and suspension flows, glass and rigidity transitions, marginal stability at random close packing and other glasses, yielding transition and elasto-plasticity.

Statistical Physics of Computation Laboratory (SPOC)

Lenka Zdeborová

Machine learning and disordered systems.