Ebeam 2000 Evaporator

Ebeam 2000


The Evaporator is made of 3 parts :

  1. The vacuum chamber contains the electron gun with 12 crucibles, the sample holder fixture, a shutter and a dual-crystal thickness monitor. The main window allows the user to observe the sample holder and the crucible (via a mirror). When there is no evaporation under way, a lamp provides illumination of the interior of the vacuum chamber.
  2. The load-lock allows the quick loading of samples, quick pump-down and exchange of samples with the vacuum chamber through the gate valve, via a transfer rod. A window allows the observation of sample loading/unloading.
  3. The electronics rack contains all operating controls of the system. Apart from the power supplies to the gun and pumps, which are mounted at the bottom of the rack, there are 3 main control panels (from bottom to top):
    1. The vacuum system control panel.
    2. The electron gun controller.
    3. The thickness monitor / deposition controller

It is possible to make layers:

Ge :   99.999%
Ni :    99.995 %
Cr :   99.994-99.998%
Al :    99.99%
Ti :    99.995%
ITO :  99.99%
Cu :  99.999%