Sentech Plasma RIE (2018)

PTSA ICP plasma etcher SI 500 (2018)


The SI 500 has been developed for high rate and low damage plasma etch processes, especially in III-V and microoptical applications.

It is characterized by

  • High etch rate
  • Low damage
  • High aspect ratio
  • Superior homogeneity
  • (P)lanar (T)riple (S)piral (A)ntenna PTSA source
  • Remote field control via serial field bus
  • Applications for III-V compounds, microoptics, microsystems
  • SENTECH’s plasma process systems operating software
  • Through-the-wall installation
  • Interferometric endpoint detection and etch depth measurement

System Configuration

  • PTSA ICP source (13.56 MHz, 1200 W) with integrated automatic matching network
  • RF bias (13.56 MHz, 600 W)
  • Available gaz in the chamber: BCl3, Cl2, HBr, Ar, O2, SiCl4
  • Circular gas inlet integrated into the PTSA source
  • High speed pumping system with gas flow independent pressure control
  • Vacuum load lock with pick-and-place
  • Insulated, cooled and heated (0°C up to 250°C) electrode for small piece of wafer to max full 4 Inches wafer
  • He-backside cooling, mechanical clamping
  • dynamic temperature control
  • Remote field control via serial field bus
  • SENTECH’s plasma process systems operating software


  • Automated and manual process control
  • Recipe controlled etch processes
  • Intelligent process control by jumps, loops, and calls in recipes
  • Different access levels, advanced user management
  • Data logging
  • LAN and internet access for remote servicing