Kenosistec Sputtering + Intellimetrics Optical Control

Kenosistec Sputtering


Magnetron sputtering system with 2 actives sources, plasma activation on the substrate.
Dedicated to dielectric deposition by sputtering. Low deposition rate, high quality material on 4″ wafer.
Optical deposition control.
The two systems are computer controlled and need a formation to be used.


  • SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2 actually in the system.
  • Possibility to use other material: SiN, Ta2O5, ….


  • 4 sources, 2 on the same power supply
  • Possibility to use two target at the same time to do alloy materials (if not on the same power supply), the different composition are chosen by the power on each power supply (10W-200W).
  • Tree gases for the process Ar, O2, N2
  • Up to 4″ sample
  • Possibility to activate the sample with plasma and add gasses directly on the sample
  • Heated substrat: cooling or heating, from room temperature until 300°C
  • Typical process pressure 5x10e-3 mbar
  •  Pumping system: Turbo pump
  • Load-lock chamber to introduce the sample


  • Different access levels, advanced user management
  • Automated and manual process control
  • Automated optical monitoring
  • Recipe controlled processes


  • Specially configured for lift off processes
  • Low deposition rate 2nm/min