Nature, in Code

EPFL / 8-11 July 2019 Did you ever wonder about the rules that govern life? How does natural selection influence a population? Can gene mutations be useful?

Computer simulations can answer these questions and even predict which genetic characteristics will propagate to future generations. During this camp you will learn the basics of JavaScript programming and implement key biological concepts in code to analyze their influence on life. Come and join us, code your own simulations and show the results to your friends! You will learn: – Basic JavaScript programming – Key biological concepts that govern life – How to simulate the effect of these biological concepts

July 8- 11 2019, from 10:00 to 17:00, EPFL

High school students (Gymnase, Lycée level) having passed their first year. No prior programming knowledge required. Half of the places are reserved for girls.

Handsout in French.

Course taught in French and English

  • Lena Bruhin, Master student in Life sciences engineering
  • Eliane Röösli, Master student in Life sciences engineering
  • Etienne Caquot, Bachelor student in Communication systems
  • Dr Barbara Jobstmann, Lecturer, School of Computer and Communication Sciences

CHF 50.- (not including VAT)

Lunches are included

Beds are pre-reserved at Jeunôtel (the Youthhostel in Lausanne) until May 31.

The course material is based on the book “Nature, in Code” by M. Salathé, EPFL professor in the School of Computer and Communication Science and the School of Life Sciences.

This summer school is supported by the School of Computer and Communication Sciences and the Education Outreach Department.


More information for the summer school nature, in code 2020 will follow end of January and the registrations will as well open end of January 2020.