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Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley: a unique innovation ecosystem

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The Swiss Canton of Vaud, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), the Swiss Hospitality Management School in Lausanne (EHL Group) and Nestlé have joined forces to develop and promote a food and nutrition innovation ecosystem. The initiative was launched on 23 January 2020 at the World Economic Forum in Davos under «Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley».

Engineering solutions for kitchen challenges

Crafty engineering can help solve many problems, including those we face in our own kitchens. At EPFL’s Institute of Mechanical Engineering, students from three laboratories tackled some of the most common kitchen challenges as part of the first Kitchen-Inspired Engineering contest.

Marianna Fenzi to join EPFL for Future Food project

Marianna Fenzi is currently a visiting research scholar at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States. On December 15, she will join the Lab for the History of Science and Technology (LHST), led by Professor Jérôme Baudry, for a three-year research project on agrobiodiversity. 

Le boom des protéines à base de plantes

Christian Nils Schwab, IFNC Executive Director, was invited by the Swiss National Radio (RTS) to talk about the plant-based proteins market in Switzerland.

A new initiative to enhance innovation in food and nutrition

The Swiss Canton of Vaud, EPFL, the Swiss Hospitality Management School in Lausanne (EHL Group) and Nestlé have joined forces to develop and promote a global innovation ecosystem on food and nutrition. The initiative will be launched in 2020 as the “Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley”, with the aim to further attract talent, start-ups and investment to the region.

ADM joins the Integrative Food & Nutrition Center

Since September 2019, ADM, one of the world’s leading agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, is part of the IFNC family. The company joined the center as an active member, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.
“It is a privilege for us to welcome ADM as an active member of the Integrative Food & Nutrition Centre. ADM is a large group with an impressive history. In the recent past, the company has made significant acquisitions in the field of nutrition, boosting their innovation capabilities in this field. We are proud about their choice to collaborate with EPFL and we look forward to a mutually enriching collaboration.” – Christian Schwab, IFNC Executive Director.

News from abroad

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Technology can help track choices to balance nutrition and climate impact

An app called Evocco aims to give consumers information about their shopping habits to help cut their carbon footprint by estimating the climate impact of their choices.

Turns Out ‘Eating Local’ Doesn’t Do Much for the Planet

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