Master Project

During the master project the student will apply his technical and scientific knowledge to real problems and implements its qualities of imagination, curiosity and scientific rigor.

Useful information

Some important information

In SIE, the Master project lasts 17 weeks when it’s achieved at EPFL. The length can be extended to 25 weeks, depending on the cases, if:

  • the projects is achieved out of EPFL
  • the extension request is made before the Master project starts
  • the SIE Section approves the request

Extension requests made during the Master project will not be considered.

The oral defense must be scheduled within 4 weeks from the hand-in, but before Friday 10th September 2021 at the latest. After this deadline, the students will receive their Master diploma the following year.

The 2020-2021 Graduation Day will take place on Saturday 2nd October 2021.

  • Master projects topics are available on IS-Academia, (with password access) under “Projects portal”. Please also have a look at the ENAC semester Projects web page.
  • You can also have a look at the list of Master project topics proposed by the SIE Professors and/or get in touch with them directly.
  • All the Master project topics that come from the “Internship portal” or from personal contacts by the students (university, companies) have to be approved (level, goals) by an SIE Professor who will supervise the project, at least one month before the Project’s start. Master Projects that are taking place out of EPFL or abroad must also be approved by an SIE Professor.

A Master project can take place either within an IIE Laboratory (Environmental Engineering Institute), or within an external institution (academic or another research institution) under an SIE Professor’s or a MER’s supervision.

A Master project is usually not achived within a Minor’s topic.

The oral defence is not public. Following Art. 4 of the Ordinance on the Evaluation of Bachelor and Master studies at EPFL, the oral defence must take place in front of the EPFL supervisor and an expert chosen by the EPFL supervisor, after approval of the SIE Director. Only the EPFL supervisor is allowed to invite other people to the oral defence. They do not participate in the final evaluation.

  1. Read the document carefully : SIE Master thesis guidelines
  2. Choose your topic and contact the professor in chargein order to specify the goals
  3. In the case of an external supervisor (outside SIE) or a scientific colleague, a JUSTIFIED REQUEST must be made to the SIE Section with the detailed project description.
  4. You may receive financial compensation in some cases. See this page for more details and follow the procedure. Complete this step before the end of May (PdM-Fall) or the end of November (PdM-Spring)
  5. Register the Master Project on IS-Academia and set the project’s dates (with course registration module) – same deadline as for the courses registration
  6. Become a member of “International SOS” for medical assistance during your Master project abroad. This is mandatory when doing your Master project abroad.

After the oral exam, the supervisor registers the mark on the IS-Academia portal.

Another option is to fill the grading sheet, to sign it, and then to send it to the SAC:

AA-DAF-SAC, station 16, 1015 Lausanne

EPFL rewards the best academic results and the best Projects of Master by awarding several prizes in its own name, but also on behalf of private companies or foundations.

The majority of the prizes are awarded to the winners at the Magistral which takes place in October (with the exception of the research prizes). Some prizes are awarded at other times of the year and the dates are indicated in the respective prize information.

Some prizes are on application (max. 2 applications per student), others do not require registration. The conditions are indicated next to each price.

The deadline for application has been scheduled by the SAC on Friday 27th August 2021.

List of Prizes